Janusgate Mobile 2.5.0 released

Janusgate Mobile version 2.5.0 has been released. This minor version upgrade includes:

  • A new processor - the StringBuilder - has been added which can be used to build up a string over a number of actions/rules, or to transform/convert a string into another string (for example, get the output of the Subject of a message in upper case characters).
  • Any predicate which performs a Matches style string test and where the search needle/pattern includes at least one named capture group, then the matching named capture group(s) can be output in a later processor action.
  • Two new predicates - the ReplyToAddressTester and the ReplyToCountTester - have been added which can be used to perform tests on the ReplyTo field of Message payloads. One particular use of these predicates is to assist with detecting message instances where the ReplyTo address(es) are for different email domains than the From address, and hence could be phishing attempts. This style of phishing attack can be more successful on mobile devices because many user interfaces for the reply message only show the display name of the ReplyTo address and not the actual mailbox address; this means the attacker can more easily trick the user into sending potentially sensitive/valuable information to an external party.

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Janusgate Mobile
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22 November, 2017