Janusgate Exchange

Advanced server-side message management

Janusgate Exchange is a message processing engine that is an add-on for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. It allows Exchange system administrators to define far more powerful processing rules than is possible with the built in Exchange Transport Rules.

Janusgate Exchange allows an enterprise to put in place advanced message manipulation and internal e-mail security policy requirements in their Microsoft Exchange infrastructure without resorting to coding their own custom Exchange Transport Agent.

It comes supplied with a large range of predicates (condition testers) and processors that can be used to build complex messaging processing rules and can be readily extended if an organization needs to perform additional condition tests or processing actions. 

Janusgate Exchange uses the same rules processing engine that is at the heart of Janusgate Mobile so rules, predicates and processors used there can also be used in Janusgate Exchange. 

Define your own rules - with janusgate exchange 

E-mail is the communication backbone of every modern organization. The volume of data sent and received using e-mail far outweighs that of any other communication form today.

Organisations face numerous challenges in managing their e-mail flows and the valuable data contained within it. They may wish to manipulate message content so that it conforms to data structure and consistency requirements. They may wish to enforce security policies to prevent data loss.

To overcome these challenges organisations using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 can attempt to use its built-in Transport Rules capability, or they could code their own Exchange Transport Agent.

Those using Transport Rules often hit a wall when they find the rules that are available do not quite meet their requirements, or they end up with an administration nightmare of needing to have so many individual rules that they become impossible to maintain without fear of breaking the overall rule set.

If Transport Rules do not meet an organization’s requirements then, in the past, they may resort to coding their own Transport Agent. They end up satisfying their message processing requirements but have custom code they must then maintain.

Janusgate Exchange provides the means to overcome the limitations of Exchange’s Transport Rules without having to resort to coding a Transport Agent. Out of the box it comes with a plethora of predicates and processors which allow an organization to build advanced rule sets which go well beyond what is capable with Exchange Transport Rules. These rule sets can be used for message manipulation and enforcement of security policy.