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Founded in 2004 and serving customers across the globe, Janusnet provides a range of practical, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to control and protect sensitive information.

Our mission is simple – to make information security easy, reliable and cost effective to implement and manage.

At Janusnet, our customers and their experience with us always comes first. Ask any of our customers and they’ll tell you about Janusnet’s commitment to providing the highest standard of service and support.

The best performing product and vendor we’ve worked with

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Janusnet solutions are simple to implement, quick to deploy, and designed to integrate with existing IT security systems for optimal performance and maximised ROI. As a result, our customers benefit by:

  • Reducing their risk of accidental information loss
  • Increasing confidence and peace of mind
  • Empowering their team to take control and responsibility of information security

Janusnet combines best-in-class products with exceptional responsiveness and outstanding support to provide a superior customer experience at every stage.

With a suite of intuitively designed, user-centric products that leverage mature, stable software, we help companies reduce the risk of accidental information loss while empowering their people to improve information security across the organization.

Janusnet customers benefit from our ability to provide:

  • Practical, reliable and easy-to-use solutions
  • Rapid deployment and simple implementation
  • Configurable, scalable and flexible products
  • Cost-effective solutions that complement existing infrastructure
  • Quick response times, and exceptional customer service and support

Our relationship with Janusnet has been marked by fast, on-point and in-depth support in not only their product range, but also those at the integration points, whereby almost every conversation has resulted in valuable information and input to ensure the  best possible outcome.

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Janusnet comprises a highly experienced team, whose extensive knowledge of information security and software development ensures our company remains at the forefront of the IT security industry.

Janusnet’s co-founders, Greg Colla and Neville Jones, were instrumental in the design of a protective marking formatting standard for email adopted by the Australian Government. The implementation was so successful that many years later; it has become a model for standardised electronic security labelling.