Our relationship with Janusnet has been one marked by fast, on-point and in-depth support not only in their product range, but also those at the integration points. Almost every conversation has resulted in valuable information and input that ensured the best possible outcome.

National Government Agency

I am most impressed that Janusnet is able to resolve issues for us so quickly.

National Government Agency

The best performing product and vendor we've worked with.

National Government Agency

As a security tool used by end-users, Janusseal has been the most effective product ever used in our organisation.

Government Security Agency

Thank you for all your help in getting this fantastic software product up and running on our classified networks.

US Defence Contractor

We are proceeding with the implementation of Janusseal.  I’m particularly impressed with the engineering of the product.  The add-in is very robust, and the configuration via GPO is both flexible and convenient.  If there are changes, we don’t have to repackage and redeploy the client  –  I wish all our applications could be configured this way!

18,000 Endpoints