Introducing Janusnet to the United States of America

Janusnet recently received an email from a customer reading, “Fantastic! That is exactly what we want to see!” The customer is an important arm of the Australian Federal government with complex, advanced systems. Engaged to migrate from an alternative data classification technology across 10,000 seats, Janusnet successfully delivered the first phase of the project with an accelerated timeframe of just one month.

It's success stories like this that has prompted Janusnet to expand its global operations into the United States of America. It showcases some important Janusnet company values: earning customer trust by doing what we say, adapting to new information as deployment gets underway, ensuring the basics of data classification are right by delivering reliable solutions that are easy to use and offering exceptional support to manage the unexpected.


Founded in 2004, Janusnet is a pure play data classification vendor, based in Australia. The company name comes from Roman mythology. Janus, the two-headed figure on gateways, looking forward and back, representing how data can be controlled.

The Janusnet mission is simple: to make data classification easy, reliable and cost-effective to deploy and manage.

Janusnet has humble beginnings. Co-founders, Greg Colla and Neville Jones, worked at the Australian Tax Office, where they were instrumental in the design of a protective marking formatting standard to enable homogenous government-wide exchanges of email. Adopted by the Australian Government, the standard was so successful that, many years later, it is still the model for standardized electronic security labelling.


Janusnet’s founders are scientists and engineers, trained in cryptography, but have passion to make IT security easier for people. We believe that embedding data classification in applications that are familiar to users, and which use existing technology and infrastructure, is the fastest way to get realizable benefits. Many information security problems are avoided when the basics of classification are right.

Today Janusnet serves customers around the globe, providing a range of practical, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to control and protect sensitive information for governments and a host of different industries.

In 2021, we’re expanding our global presence to the United States. The US team is in place already, and it is empowering for us to work with a talented group of like-minded professionals who are data classification experts, who also bring the human aspect that fits our company culture. We’re energized by the opportunity to help more organizations realize that protecting sensitive information isn’t necessarily expensive, complex or time-consuming.

With teams around the world, you can contact Janusnet, or one of our partners, anytime to start the conversation around your data classification needs or watch a Janusnet video on 'how to classify data' to see our solutions in action.