Data classification: the foundation of data protection compliance requirements.


Data is the new oil, or so the saying goes. Yet as soon as organizations create data, it becomes a Rubiks cube style problem. Organizations must store data, protect it, track it, share it, dispose of it, and sometimes pay for issues caused when it falls into the wrong hands.

Further complicating data management are a growing list of compliance requirements, legislation, and guidelines aimed at organizations by governments, and regulatory bodies to ensure accountability for data protection.

How data classification solutions help meet compliance requirements.

How data classification solutions help meet compliance requirements.

Data classification helps organizations meet data protection compliance requirements by adding visible markings and metadata markings to a file’s properties. The combination means human users and security applications, platforms, and control systems instantly know how to handle the file appropriately.

The benefits for your organization include reduced risks of data loss or mismanagement, full compliance, better information control, and more secure collaboration.

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The Janusnet differences for compliance.

The Janusnet differences for compliance.

Ideal for organizations that need to apply multiple, or complex data schema, Janusnet differentiators include:

  • Solutions that are easy to install, run, and maintain.
  • Operational within hours, Janusnet seamlessly extends Microsoft's native labelling, when required.
  • Operates in multiple networks, from isolated on-premises environments to public clouds.
  • Available in any language, Janusnet solutions are serverless, requiring no extra or dedicated hardware.
  • A fast, reliable user experience that supports zero trust frameworks and export controls.



Proven compliance for data identification, classification, and protection.

Protect information

Understand data’s value and implement controls to reduce exposure risk.

Reduce data loss

Reduce the likelihood of
data mishandling and loss.

How data classification enables privacy compliance.

Authored by Salinger Privacy, this whitepaper explores:

  • The new privacy and data protection legal environment.
  • The intersection between privacy law and information security practice.
  • How data classification enables data protection.
  • Protecting data, even when sharing data.
  • Simple ways to improve security culture across an enterprise.

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Data classification for fast, compliant CUI marking.

Data classification visible to the human eye is the first step to meeting CUI compliance requirements for handling sensitive data. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t see. The second step is pairing visual markings with metadata tags.

Janusnet’s CUI marking configuration can take as little as one day to get you set up with cost-effective, low-maintenance, compliance-ready marking.

Visit our resources page for more information on how to get a fast start with CUI marking.

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Data classification to meet Australian Government compliance requirements.


Janusnet data classification solutions help organizations meet Australian government compliance standards by:

    • marking for specific State legislative and regulatory requirements
    • enabling secure collaboration across supply chains
    • delivering government-ready configurations out-of-the-box.

Explore how Janusnet helps meet the compliance requirements of each Australian State below.

Australian government compliance

Data classification to ensure GDPR compliance.

Protecting personal data has been a critical issue in the European Union for over 25 years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes data protection to a new level. It applies to almost every organization globally that collects or processes data on residents domiciled within the EU, including permanent residents, visitors, and expatriates. Conducted by Osterman Research and sponsored by Janusnet, our white paper analyzes organizational readiness for GDPR compliance.

GDPR whitepaper


Data classification for compliance with UK government security classifications.

In the UK, government departments and agencies must abide by the Cabinet Office's Security Policy Framework (SPF), which identifies three specific classification levels. Janusnet solutions to meet SPF marking requirements are easy to deploy, run, scale, and maintain, operational within hours of installation, and seamlessly extend Microsoft's native labelling, when needed.

GSCP compliance


On-premise or cloud

Feature-rich, low-maintenance, reliable data classification in the cloud or on-premises.

No extra investments

No additional hardware or software for configuration or discovery.

Seamless integration

Works with existing technologies to
protect data and reduce cost.