Information classification for working from home workforce

With the reality of COVID-19 affecting most global workplaces, many organisations are facing a significant portion of their workforce working from home. Organisations need to think swiftly about how they can enable staff to work from home (WFH) or 'telecommute'. Many organisations have stipulated WFH practises until further notice. This places a particular problem for government agencies and others who use security classification labels to control information flow. 

Working from home has significant implications for information security. Your security controls are designed around proper data handling. It is essential that you can provision, where practicable, the same controls from a variety of non-work devices to ensure the security culture you've instilled in at the workplace extends to remote working.


Whether you have Janusnet products or not, we can help you extend the protective marking policies onto a range of devices and platforms. Our classification and marking software can be deployed rapidly and without the addition of extra servers, either in the cloud or on-premise.

So whether you are deploying Outlook for the Web/Outlook Web App for the first time, making corporate webmail more generally available; or authorizing BYOD mobiles - Janusnet have solutions ready to go.  Better still in many cases software implementations can be a matter of minutes.

Given the pressure IT teams are under, and the fact we are in a crisis, Janusnet will commit to help build working configurations ready for you very quickly. We can then assist you implement into production.

We are operating business as usual and are available to help with advice and evaluation software for immediate testing in UAT, or even production envrionments as you see fit.