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Data Sharing Headache

Collaboration between teams and organizations is critical for success in today’s business. Unfortunately, sharing information can create headaches when sensitive information is involved, and organizations must meet contractual, privacy and data protection compliance requirements. Reliable data classification is a proven first step to improve your organization's security posture.

See how JanusSEAL reduces data loss

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Agile data classification

The Janusnet Janusseal Windows Suite delivers easy-to-use data classification that help your people and systems correctly handle sensitive information. Combining data classification labels visible to humans and systems Janusseal provides flexible, customizable solutions to meet any compliance, regulatory, or standards requirement.

This brief video shows how fast and easy it is to classify information with Janusnet’s agile data classification solutions.

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Janusnet: Short tips enabling easy data classification in UNDER two seconds

Janusnet solutions deliver organizations three crisp differentiators for dependable, fast, easy-to-use data classification solutions. Our data classification solutions enable users to classify sensitive information in less than two seconds.

The outcomes? Instant reduction of risk your organization’s information will be lost or mishandled and improvement in your existing data loss prevention tools.

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Proven compliance for data identification, classification, and protection.

Protect information

Understand data’s value and implement controls to reduce exposure risk.

Reduce data loss

Reduce the likelihood of
data mishandling and loss.

Janusseal Documents

Classify and CONTROL Microsoft Documents and other files ON Windows operating systems

Word Document with Janusseal Security Classification Dialog

Chances are your organization uses Microsoft Office and Windows. Within these environments, Janusnet’s Janusseal Documents data classification solution is fast, reliable, easy-to-use, and enforces security classification policies before a document is saved, printed, published, or emailed. Using Janusseal also extends the native sensitivity labelling functionality in the Microsoft 365 platform. Janusseal works just as easily in an on-premise mode providing assured data classification capabilities in the most secure environments. Janusseal is the best choice for organizations with sophisticated business and compliance data classification requirements. 

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CONTROL your information

Janusnet’s Janusseal document classification protects your organization’s sensitive information by:

  • prompting users to classify documents when creating, saving, publishing, or printing
  • using visible document classification labels to alert users of information sensitivity
  • easily classifying single, multiple files or entire subfolders via Windows File Explorer
  • leveraging embedded document classification metadata to integrate with control systems
  • sharing discreet tips and reminders to support correct classification of documents.

Janusseal for Outlook email classification

Classify and protectively mark every email in Windows operating systems

Prevent sending emails to the wrong person

Most CISOs know that employees emailing sensitive information to the wrong recipient accounts for around 30 percent of data breaches. Email classification is the easiest, most cost-effective way to prevent accidental loss of sensitive information.

Janusnet reduces information lost through email with fast, simple, easy-to-use data classification, prompting users to:

  • classify sensitive information before transmission
  • check recipients’ clearances
  • recipient limits for different classifications
  • move multiple recipients to the BCC field before sending.

See Janusseal in action

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Janusnet Janusseal for Outlook reduces the risk of email mishandling by:

  • helping employees identify sensitive information and add an email classification
  • classifying the email based on the sensitivity of the attachments
  • alerting recipients to the email's sensitivity
  • requiring mandatory email classification
  • using automated pre-transmission checks to check recipients’ domain or clearance
  • leveraging embedded metadata to ensure existing security systems control access and distribution of sensitive information through email classification.

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