Prevent sending emails to the wrong person


Most CISOs know human email error causes 30 percent of data breaches. Even the most diligent employees make mistakes that cause information loss. Janusnet reduces information lost through email with fast, simple, easy-to-use data classification, prompting users to:

  • classify sensitive information before transmission
  • classify document and files so they are controlled
  • check recipients clearances
  • recipient limits for different classifications
  • move multiple recipients to the BCC field before sending.

Control your organization’s data

Unstructured data is difficult to manage, secure, and control. Adding mandatory data classification when creating, editing, printing, or saving documents is an easy, fast, accurate, and cost-effective path to data loss prevention. Integrating Janusseal markings with our technology partner solutions gives you control over unstructured data.

Illustration preventing access to a file after data classification is applied

Meet compliance requirements

If your organization manages sensitive information, you'll likely have compliance legislative requirements and guidelines to meet. Janusnet solutions reliably identify sensitive data and apply visible and metadata markings governing who should have access rights to that information to reduce the risk of loss and mishandling.

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Visible data classification labels instantly alert your teams and external recipients to information sensitivity. Easy-to-see markings help employees follow corporate policies and procedures for information handling, which improves your organization's overall security posture.

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On-premise or cloud

Feature-rich, low-maintenance, reliable data classification in the cloud or on-premises.

No extra investments

No additional hardware or software for configuration or discovery.

Seamless integration

Works with existing technologies to
protect data and reduce cost.

zero trust architectures

There is a quick zero trust win: data classification. Janusnet’s data classification solutions let organizations apply user-driven and automated policy-driven markings to support the ‘least privilege’ stance to data, applications, and networks. Benefits include:

  • Attribute-based access control (ABAC)
  • Enhanced security for sensitive data.
  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Improved visibility and control of data.
  • Better informed decision-making about sensitive data handling.

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Janusnet makes it easy for your teams to choose markings while integrating with the Microsoft 365 platform when you need extended sensitivity labelling capabilities. Janusseal delivers five marking dimensions, selection logic, and special handling requirements. Our solutions read and write Microsoft sensitivity labels for smooth integration with M365 and other data classification initiatives and controls.

Sensitivity labels & Janusseal

Example of CUI data classification in MS Word with Janusseal


Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is government-created or owned information that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and government-wide policies. Loss of CUI is one of the biggest risks to US national security. Non-compliance introduces significant risk to US government contractors.

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Ready to take your information handling and data classification to the next level? Janusnet and its partner technologies easily integrate with your business workflows to improve the handling of sensitive documents, files, and emails. Information assets marked by Janusseal are designed from the ground up to integrate with a wide range of IT security products.

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Strict new global laws have raised data protection and privacy compliance to a level of critical operational risk. Janusnet data classification solutions help you categorize information, records, and systems, so you always understand the risk from unauthorized disclosure. Our visible protective markings are an essential signal when using, handling, storing, transferring, and disposing of data.

How data classification
enables privacy compliance


protect export-controlled data

Data classification helps safeguard sensitive data restricted under government regulations related to the export of goods or services while enabling more secure supply chain collaboration by:

  • marking export-controlled data to reduce the risk of unauthorized access or exposure
  • providing visibility into what types of export-controlled data organizations have stored across networks and systems
  • ensuring relevant marking to meet compliance requirements and regulations

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Business outcomes


Proven compliance for data identification, classification, and protection.

Control data

Reduce the risk of mishandling
and loss of data.


Fast and inexpensive to deply. Easy to use, maintain, and integrate.

Data classification is a highly effective method of minimising the loss or mishandling of sensitive information.

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