Introducing Janusseal Documents App

We're excited to announce the launch of Janusseal Documents App as part of our security classification suite. 

With the trend towards employees having more freedom to work away from the office and on different devices, the Janusseal Documents App was created to ensure flexible working does not come at the expense of rigorous document classification.

Janusnet’s Chief Technical Officer Neville Jones said the take-up of web-based applications, such as those as part of Microsoft Office 365, was giving employees flexibility but simultaneously creating an information security headache for employers.

“Office-based employees tend to have more rigour around document classification when sitting at a desk, yet standards may slip as soon as they create or modify documents via the web or on mobile devices,” Neville said.

“We created Janusseal Documents App to complement the Janusseal suite to ensure employees could still classify documents when they use the Microsoft suite via the web, on a Mac or a mobile device. It even works in Word on Windows desktops, but we recommend use of the full-fledged Janusseal Documents for that environment.”

“It gives employers the peace of mind that regardless of where the document is created, it can still be classified. Adding security classification information to documents is a simple but highly effective method of minimising the loss or mishandling of sensitive information.”

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