Data protection products from janusNET

Protection of valuable or sensitive data - from Intellectual Property (IP) to employees’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to customer databases and price lists - underpins your competitiveness, reputation and corporate governance.

It’s vital to your enterprise, yet many data protection solutions are complex, arduous to deploy and maintain and costly too. janusNET has taken the simpler, more user-friendly approach, making data protection easier for any enterprise, with two suites of data protection products that:

  • Integrate with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Are rapid to deploy and easy to use with minimal training
  • Scale and adapt as your security needs change.

These product suites are also:

  • Robust and proven over long term deployments in public and private sectors
  • Supported by efficient, local service over three continents
  • Cost-effective with attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

janusSEAL - for data classification

janusSEAL for Outlook - Flagship product for Email Classification

janusSEAL Documents - Classify MS Office Documents, pdfs and other files

janusSEAL for Outlook Web App - For classifying for Exchange Webmail

janusGATE - for data protection

janusGATE Mobile - award winning filter for emails to and from mobile devices

janusGATE Exchange - for advanced, real-time, MS Exchange message control

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