Updated Developer Guide

How Janusnet's APIs help you integrate diverse systems and business processes

Janusnet is known for its world-leading user-driven data classification software and reliable integration with automated systems such as eDiscovery, DLP, and records management platforms. Data classifications used across automated systems must align with classifications within corporate metadata to ensure operational consistency. This alignment helps protect information as it moves across business workflows.

Janusnet has delivered significant capabilities to programmatically read and write the Janusseal metadata for a long time. The most recent Janusseal enhancement gives systems integrators and customers an extended capacity to handle information assets and the embedded metadata.

For the technically minded, the Developer Guide describes how to programmatically interface with Janusseal Documents and Janusseal for Outlook libraries. Applications can use C#, PowerShell, C++ or VBScript to access the Janusseal API and examples are shown in each of the programming languages.

For more information, customers and partners can read the Developer Guide on the Janusnet customer portal. If you are new to Janusnet, please talk to your Janusnet partner or representative or ask your question in the contact form.