Janusseal App for Outlook 3.23.3 released

The Cloud Edition of Janusseal App for Outlook has been updated to version 3.23.3. This patch includes:

  • FIX: Improved operation in the "new Outlook" for Windows so when attempting to display its classification dialog Outlook no longer asks the sender "Janusseal App wants to display a new Window - Allow / Ignore".

  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved cache management on client side, so that if, in future releases, page specific static assets like javascript or styling files do not change then the client continues to use the previously cached copy.

Janusseal App for Outlook is the Office web add-in from Janusnet for enhancing Outlook (Windows, Mac and online/web version) with security classification capability; it is not Janusseal for Outlook which is the Office COM add-in for enhancing the Windows version of Outlook with such capability.

Product Information
Janusseal App for Outlook
Release Information
Release Date: 
3 December, 2023