Janusgate Exchange 2.9.2 released

Janusgate Exchange version 2.9.2 has been released. This patch includes:

  • Further fixes on handling of the Microsoft Information Protection Sensitivity Label message header where the parsing algorithm now accommodates custom metadata being added to the header information, which is permitted by the header specification.

  • Previous work was done to make the location of the Exchange Server pickup directory determined from reading the Windows registry when the Exchange Transport Service starts. In some rare cases this information is not always available so this fix includes a fallback mechanism to use the PickupDirectory value as defined in the .config file which is populated when Janusgate Exchange is installed. 

  • Change in logging.config to ensure text log files are encoded using UTF-8 in order to support characters outside of ASCII or extended-ASCII (Windows-1252 encoding), for example Japanese.

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Janusgate Exchange
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8 March, 2021