Janusseal Documents

Data classification for your organization's sensitive information

  • Janusseal Documents extends the properties dialog (In Windows File Explorer) to Display a File Security Classification
  • Right Click to classify a file
  • Easy select - accurately add a Security Classification label to MS Word
  • Consistent security classification tab in MS Office Applications

Data classification is an easy, cost-effective way to protect sensitive information, meet compliance requirements and reduce the risk of an organization mishandling data.

Janusseal Windows Suite delivers a fast, easy-to-use and comprehensive data classification for Microsoft Office and Windows File Explorer. It constantly reminds users to consider the sensitivity of the information they handle. Janusseal requires users to classify every document they create or edit. Once selected, Janusseal adds visible document classification markings to the page and appends the appropriate metadata for downstream handling.

Janusseal makes data classification happen

  ▷  Prompts users to select a classification when they create, save or print a document.
  ▷  Visible data classification labels alert others to the sensitivity of the information.
  ▷  Embedded data classification metadata supports integration with downstream control systems.
  ▷  Users can classify Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and many other multimedia files.
  ▷  Single, multiple files and subfolders are easily classified in Windows File Explorer.
  ▷  Interactive tips and reminders encourage users to consistently mark information.
  ▷  A consistent interface in Office, Outlook and File Explorer to select data classification. 


Janusseal Documents is adaptable to your requirements. You control:

  ▷  Which classification schemes to use
  ▷  What classifications a user can select (based on role or clearance)
  ▷  Where the visible markings are placed.
  ▷  How the user interface uses your brand, corporate terminology
  ▷  What language is used for international staff

enhance existing security systems

Janusseal metadata is easily accessed by existing IT infrastructure, including SIEM, DLP, and access controls systems. Plus Janusseal requires no additional servers. This optimises system performance, improves security, maximizes ROI, and reduces costs by avoiding the need for additional infrastructure.

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As a security tool used by end-users, Janusseal has been the most effective product ever used in our organization

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