Janusseal Documents

Protect your organization's information with reliable, real-time document classification 

  • Janusseal Documents extends the properties dialog (In Windows File Explorer) to Display a File Security Classification
  • Right Click to classify a file
  • Easy select - accurately add a Security Classification label to MS Word
  • Consistent security classification tab in MS Office Applications

Document classification is an easy, cost-effective way to protect sensitive information, meet compliance requirements and reduce the risk of users misplacing or mishandling data.

Janusseal Documents improves awareness of data sensitivity with fast, easy-to-use document classification solutions enabled inside Microsoft Office 365.

This solution lets users do quick, easy document classification for every Microsoft file type they create or edit. Janusseal Documents automatically reminds users of data sensitivity and enables real-time document classification of structured and unstructured information.

How does Janusseal Documents make document classification happen?

  • Janusseal Documents prompts users to select a document classification label for each file they create, print, share or publish.
  • Visible document classification labels alert others to the sensitivity of the information contained in the file.
  • Classification tags are embedded in the document’s properties to support integration with other control systems.
  • Users can apply document classification to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Portable Document Format (PDF), and many other multimedia files.
  • Existing or multiple documents are easily classified using the context menu in Windows File Explorer.
  • Interactive tips and reminders encourage users to consistently perform document classification to ensure sensitive information is always classified and handled appropriately.


Using Janusseal Documents for document classification encourages every team member to handle information appropriately and avoid disclosure to unintended recipients.

Fast set-up and deployment

Quick and easy to set up, Janusseal Documents is ready to deploy by standard enterprise deployment tools for x86 and x64 Windows systems.

Consistent User Interface and Marking

Janusseal Documents provides a consistent interface for users to choose the appropriate document classification from the Microsoft ribbon. Once selected, Janusseal adds visible document classification markings to the page and appends the metadata to enable secure handling across third-party systems.


Janusseal Documents is fully adaptable to suit your requirements – you have control over which classification labels to use and where they are placed on the document.

Intuitive and easy to use

Janusseal Documents is embedded in the Microsoft tools your team uses daily, making training and adoption for document classification intuitive and easy.

enhance existing security systems

Through seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure, including SIEM, DLP, and access controls systems, Janusseal Documents optimises system performance, maximizes ROI, and reduces costs by avoiding the need for new infrastructure.

As a security tool used by end-users, Janusseal has been the most effective product ever used in our organization

 Enforcement agency and long-term customer

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