Enabling fast, easy data classification

Three enabling differences

Every organization has sensitive information to safeguard, whether intellectual property, sensitive commercial information. Some have national security or defense marking requirements. Most data classification solutions in the market are overly complex to use and expensive to deploy and maintain. Janusnet takes a different approach.

When you engage Janusnet or one of our partners, you’ll soon hear the question, “what is the business problem you need to solve?”. This might sound like standard stuff for a software vendor, but what happens next is where the Janusnet difference begins. 

We don’t hard-sell customers on our data classification software, highlight what customers stand to lose by not engaging Janusnet, or shoe-horn our solutions into a customer problem to close a deal. Instead, we look for the hallmarks inside the organization that confirms Janusnet solutions will add true business value. 

Our 16 years of experience as a pure-play data classification software developer help us rapidly get to the core of how Janusnet can help.

Janusnet starts by understanding every customer’s unique classification requirements to customize cost-effective, easy to use security classifications to leverage the human and machine controls. Janusnet classification markings are visible to both the human eye, and to the technology used to share or control the information flow, through metadata embedded in each information asset.

It takes about two seconds for a user to classify sensitive information, instantly reducing the likelihood of loss or mishandling, and making data loss prevention tools many times more effective.

For organizations needing dependable, fast, easy-to-use data classification, Janusnet offers three crisp differentiators:

Practical, powerful data classification

Extensive experience has powered Janusnet to design simple, quick data classification options for users. Minimizing clicks to classify data, and maximizing the options for organizations to customize their interface makes data classification actions fast and easy. As important as users classifying data “at source”, that is, while interacting with the information, the classification process must be powerful and accessible. Janusnet enables this by offering programmatic interfaces that our technology partners and customers can commercialize or personalize. 

Other data classification technologies use an index server to store classification metadata. This introduces network traffic and server response time delays, which creates user frustration and makes data classification burdensome. For administrators, extra servers to maintain data classification indexes add significant operational cost, resourcing, complexity, and failure points.  

Janusnet deployments are serverless. No extra or dedicated, hardware is required for configuration or scalability which removes a common single point of failure. The elegant design offers better reliability, performance and user satisfaction. Removing the requirement for servers and embedding all the classification metadata in the information asset offers a non-proprietary and accessible lookup capability.  

The Janusnet difference: Understanding the ground-up requirements faced by organizations, then delivering an easy, fast, secure, reliable and practical approach to data classification for users and interfaces that leverage existing infrastructure.

Rapid, easy deployment

Straightforward configuration and easy scalability are key attributes of Janusnet data classification. We deliver these customer outcomes by using existing centralized administration to seamlessly manage and configure applications and users' settings in Active Directory and Group Policy environments. Group Policy was designed by Microsoft to enable scalability. Janusnet uses Group Policy to configure a single machine, which can immediately be replicated to hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of machines, cost-effectively and with minimal complexity. 

Janusnet is deployed using standard software deployment and management methods. Our data classification software is easily configurable, scalable, flexible, and complements existing infrastructure. Janusnet is cloud-ready or works on-premise and requires no additional servers, which helps accelerate implementation.

The Janusnet difference: Providing simplified, centralized administration, Janusnet gives organizations the ultimate flexibility, speed, and simplicity to perform serverless configuration and easily scale their classification software management.

Highly configurable

Offering a range of sophisticated settings, such as multiple marking attributes, multi-selection, and configurable formatting, Janusnet solutions can be configured to any marking requirement. User interfaces can be tailored to offer an internationalized language capability and/or orientate to the terminology of a specific business unit or user functions. User behaviors can easily be controlled. Various other content checks can be built in to optimize the user experience and ensure accurate marking.

Integrating with Microsoft protection and labeling is another capability that is also a connector for integration with other technologies. Janusnet solutions use standard methods of logging that integrate with existing audit and reporting systems. The easy interoperability and configurability of Janusnet solutions give organizations robust monitoring, corrective action options, and unparalleled flexibility to select and change classifications for compliance, and usage requirements as the protection landscape changes. 

The Janusnet difference: Janusnet offers broad configuration capabilities that easily connect with the technologies users and administrators need to do their jobs and to meet business demands, without “lock-in” to proprietary solutions, or limitations on connectivity. 

Curious to learn more? 

For more information about Janusnet data classification solutions start here, or contact us to connect with the Janusnet team or one of our partners.