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If your organization needs to comply with guidelines for the correct handling of CUI, Janusseal is the answer. The Janusseal add-in for Microsoft Office provides fast accurate CUI marking out-of-the-box. To improve information control and management, Janusseal adds the correct marks for Office Documents, Outlook email and calendar items.  Find a Janusnet partner to get started quickly and easily.

Watch how quick and easy it is to use Janusseal Documents to mark information for CUI

This video shows how you can use Janusseal Documents to mark CUI to meet U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements.

What is CUI, why does it matter, How Can Janusnet help?

Discussion paper - extract
To encourage collaboration, but also to secure CUI, the U.S. government has defined the markings and cybersecurity requirements for information requiring safeguarding or dissemination controls. Organizations need to be aware of how the storage, consumption, or transmission of CUI may impact their operations. The Assistant Secretary of Defense has reminded acquisition personnel that it is critical to identify, track, and safeguard DoD CUI as part of the procurement process. These requirements are overlaid with CMMC levels and NIST 800-171 /172 standards. Our discussion paper discusses these elements and how to meet them and demonstrate compliance. Request full paper.

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Formatting per NARA/DoD definition