Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Marking for CMMC compliance

Easily tag and mark emails and documents with Controlled Unclassified Information compliant markings

Marked Word Document

"The CUI Program establishes policy for designating, handling, and decontrolling information that qualifies as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). The CUI Program standardizes the way the executive branch handles information that requires protection under laws, regulations, or Government-wide policies, but that does not qualify as classified under Executive Order 13526."

As a contractor to an agency you might/will be required to comply with the correct handling of Controlled Unclassified Information. 

Janusnet has a long history in the electronic marking of Government information.  To assist you navigate the Controlled Unclassified Information requirements we have studied the Marking Handbook, and the NIST SP800-171 to deliver a package that will assist you implement these requirements.  In addition to meeting the CUI requirements, many organisations also want to mark messages and documents with their own corporate marking.  Janusnet can provide a CUI compliant markings as well as a personalized scheme for your own use.


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