Janusseal for Outlook and Janusseal Documents invoking ProofPoint Secure Email

Old video - The principles are valid, plenty of User Interface improvements since production.  This short 1 minute video demonstrates:

  1. Attaching a file that has been classified by Janusseal Documents;
  2. To an email that is automatically classified as [IN CONFIDENCE:PERSONAL]
  3. A sending outside warning is shown but is not essential
  4. Then (not shown) transmitting through ProofPoint Essentials where a filter rule diverts email to the Secure Email Portal based on the subject line contains [IN CONFIDENCE:PERSONAL]
  5. Collecting the email in the portal

Viewers should note:

  1. The trigger could be a message classification; or a business process word like say "Loan document", "HR-Documentation"
  2. The selection of the email tag can be automated and is entirely configurable;
  3. Customers can configure Janusseal for Outlook to reflect their business requirements and terminology
  4. Janusseal Documents file marking is not required but a beneficial option

If you have further questions please contact us in the European time zone