Rapid, easy deployment

Janusnet and its partners understand the need for effective data classification. Something that can be quickly deployed resulting in immediate benefit. Our prospective customers generally follow these steps:

  • Confirm governance requirements: compliance, legislative and regulatory.
  • Work together to select a standarized classification schema or tailor one for you (or you may start by completing the 'Build your own classification schema' )
  • Evaluate Janusnet products. This will help you to customize our products to your specific requirements.

Why Janusnet’s deployment is rapid

  • Our software complements existing infrastructure and is 'cloud-ready' or works on-premise. No additional server requirements are required which assures a fast implementation.
  • Easy deployment using standard software deployment and management methods
  • Configurable, scalable and flexible products streamline deployment

Contact your sales partner or Janusnet for more details or to arrange some assistance.

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