Secure email to mobiles

Mobile email security – how and why to do it

Mobile devices promise greater flexibility and productivity, and you want your enterprise and employees to enjoy the full benefits. However, they’re sending, receiving and holding more data on mobile devices and losing more mobile devices than ever. This means a great deal of communication and data is outside your network – and outside your control.

How can you secure emails to mobiles?

The ideal situation is to enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) yet somehow protect your sensitive data. You could try to lock down your environment, but that won’t work; some will find a way around the rules and you won’t know who, when or where. You could try these approaches:

  • Prevent all mobile access to email - but you’ll lose productivity and staff
  • Allow access for a few - but you’ll get a fraction of the productivity gain
  • Rely on MDM software -  but you’ll control the devices not the information
  • ‘Contain’ emails - but it’s expensive and turns the device into a ‘brick’.

Or you could make the problem smaller

A simpler solution is to focus on just the 5-15% of emails that are sensitive. If you did, you could give all your people access to any mobile device and just filter email traffic for sensitive information.

This is precisely what Janusgate Mobile does, it:

  • Filters email traffic before it reaches the mobile device
  • Prevents sensitive  information from reaching the device
  • Alerts the user to access the full email from the corporate desktop.

How easy is it?
With Janusgate Mobile, you can solve the mobile email security problem for a fraction of the cost and complexity of other solutions, and do it quickly. With Janusgate Mobile, you can:

  • Allow any device that uses ActiveSync®
  • Give role-based access to new or temporary staff or partners secure access
  • Use existing mobile devices – without any software, configuration or loss of functionality
  • Enable mobile devices – without interfering with your network

Learn more about Janusgate Mobile, contact us to discuss your data security priorities. We’re just a call away.  You can also find out more data classification.



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