Entering license details for Janusseal for Outlook & Janusseal Documents

This information is relevent for Janusseal Outlook and Janusseal Documents.

To add the licence key at time of installation:

Simply enter the relevant infromation into the GUI that is presented after running the MSI package.

Janusseal Outlook Licence GUI

To add the licence key after installation (Example below is for Local GPO, for DomainGPO policy edit please go to GPMC):

  1. With an account that has administrative privileges open the Group Policy Editor.
  2. Browse to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) > Janusnet > Janusseal > License.Group Policy Tree
  3. In the right hand pane open the setting: turn ON Janusseal for Outlook license.
  4. Enable the setting and enter the license details as provided in your license agreement supplied from Janusnet.Enter Licence Information
  5. Save the setting to the policy by clicking the Apply button
  6. Close the group policy editor
  7. If you used a Domain Group Policy Object, then the group policy at each machine must be updated. This happens at regular intervals, or to force the update issue the command
    gpupdate /force
    in a command prompt on the target machine
  8. Restart Outlook for the change to take effect.


Please Note: Is it important to enter the company name EXACTLY as it appears in the Licence Agreement document provided by Janusnet.

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Follow this link to a document that describes how to add a Janusseal for Outlook licence either:

  • at the time of installation; or
  • extending an evaluation; or
  • when upgrading an evaluation license to a production licence.

Following is a list of Janusseal for Outlook License Error Codes and their meaning:
Based on the error code shown in the Janusseal for Outlook error dialog, it should be a
simple manner to rectify the problem with the license using their following meanings.

JS8001.1 Invalid serial number (should be 25 numbers)
JS8001.2 Invalid serial number (final digit is a checksum digit using a modulo 7
JS8001.3 Invalid serial number (failed verification of remaining license info)
JS8001.4 Reserved: User SMTP address unlicensed
JS8001.5 License has expired
JS8001.6 Invalid date format (should be in the form YYYY-MM-DD or 'Perpetual')
JS8001.7 License type is invalid (should be either 'Evaluation', 'Demonstration' or
JS8001.8 License is not valid for this product (license is not for Janusseal for Outlook)
JS8001.9 License is not valid for this product version (license is not for Janusseal for
Outlook version 2.x)
JS8001.10 License version is invalid
JS8001.11 License is missing
JS8001.12 Licensee Name is missing
JS8001.13 License expiry date is missing
JS8001.14 License serial number is missing
JS8001.15 License product name is missing
JS8001.16 License product version is missing
JS8001.17 License type version is missing 

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