ADM creation fails with Online Web Service

Janusseal Schema can use a Janusnet online web service to create a Group Policy Administrative Template file (.ADM) from a Security Classification Schema (.SCS) file.

Janusnet recently changed its main domain from to and when a person uses their web browser to access our web server issues a redirect command to automatically take them to

This redirect command causes an error in Janusseal Schema v1.3.1 and below. Janusseal Schema reports:

There was a problem using the Janusnet Web Service. ... The details of the error are included below:

The request failed with the error message:

<title>301 Moved Permanently</title>

This problem has been rectified in version 1.4.x of Janusseal Schema which has been designed to use the newer web address of

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Date created: 
16 Sep, 2013
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08 May, 2018 20:02
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Janusnet have planned to change their primary domain to for quite a while. For this reason we released Janusseal Schema version 1.4.0 back in July 2013 which uses the new domain for accessing the web service.

We hope many of our customers have already updated to version 1.4.0 so this issue will not affect them. If you have not upgraded then please download and install the latest Janusseal Schema from its download page.

The full text of the error message shown in the ADM Wizard of Janusseal Schema when it encounters this problem is:

ADM creation failed

An error occurred when trying to create the ADM.

There was a problem ysing the Janusnet Web Service. Depending on 
the nature of the problem you may be able to try again or you may have 
to use the ADMT pack method. The details of the error are included 

The request failed with the error message:
<title>301 Moved Permanently</title>

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Janusseal Schema