How to make tags added by the TagAdder processor appear on received messages

Janusgate Exchange includes the TagAdder processor which can be used to add tags (keywords/categories) to messages as they are sent through the Exchange Server. This processor only works successfully if the Exchange Server is configured to allow such tags to be present on messages as they travel through Exchange Server. The default setting for Exchange Server is that such tags should not be allowed. This knowledge base article shows how Exchange Server can be configured to allow for the addition of tags to messages using the TagAdder processor.

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06 Mar, 2013
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08 May, 2018 20:20
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The TagAdder processor can perform the following processing on an item: Adds a tags (keyword) to the payload. Has no effect if the payload does not support tags. Can use some tokens to add a reference to the original payload content: %Subject%, %Message.From%, %Message.ThreadTopic%, %Message.Received% and others as mentioned in documentation. When used in Janusgate Exchange it may appear as though the TagAdder does not work for payloads such as email messages. However, this failure is due to the default configuration of Exchange Server rather than a deficiency in the processor. By default, Exchange Server is configured to clear all category (keyword/tag) information on MIME messages as they travel through it and are delivered to the mailbox. Hence, with this default configuration any tag(s) added by the TagAdder do not appear when the message is delivered to the mailbox. To overcome this, a configuration change is required at the Exchange Server using the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet. This page contains the relevant links to the Microsoft pages about the proper use of the cmdlet. For convenience we describe the procedure here, but the authoritative reference is the Microsoft pages and we highly recommend you use those instead.

  1. open the Exchange Management Shell on an Exchange Server
  2. type in the following command:
    Set-TransportConfig -ClearCategories $false
  3. hit the Enter key
  4. exit from the Exchange Management Shell

Warning: changing this setting will mean Category information that end-users add to messages as they are sent will be carried with the message and appear in the internal recipient's mailbox. This may not be desireable. This problem can be overcome in Janusgate Exchange by having a high precedence rule which detects the message sender is internal and then uses the TagsRemover processor to remove all categories before Janusgate Exchange does its tagging work with the TagAdder processor.

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