Switch off inspection of outbound protocol content

Janusgate Mobile's out-of-the-box (default) configuration is to inspect ActiveSync protocol traffic for both inbound (device to server) and outbound (server to device) synchronisations. Some organisations may have a ActiveSync content filtering policy which only applies to inbound synchronisations. For these cases, performance benefits can be gained by switching off outbound content inspection by Janusgate Mobile. This how-to article explains how to swtich off outbound content inspection in Janusgate Mobile. KB article 710 explains how to switch off inbound content inspection. If an organization performs this configuration change, but then updates their content filtering policy (Janusgate Rules Engine file) to include policy that applies to outbound traffic, it is very important that they restore outbound content inspection by reversing this process.

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06 Feb, 2013
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18 Mar, 2021 16:25
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Perform the following procedure on each Exchange Server where Janusgate Mobile is installed, to switch off all outbound content inspection in Janusgate Mobile. This procedure assumes Janusgate Mobile has been installed to its default path of C:\Program Files\janusNET\janusGATE Mobile Adjust the folder paths appropriately if it has been installed to a non-default folder.

  1. start Notepad on the Exchange Server
  2. in Notepad, select File > Open menu item to open the file C:\Program Files\janusNET\janusGATE Mobile\bin\janusGATE.Mobile.dll.config
  3. in the .config file, find the line of the application setting CommandsToInterceptResponse, for a default install the line will look like
    <add key="CommandsToInterceptResponse" value="Sync,ItemOperations,Search" />

  4. modify this line so that it reads as
    <add key="CommandsToInterceptResponse" value="" />

  5. save the changes to the file using the File > Save menu item
  6. close Notepad
  7. to have the changes take immediate effect, start Internet Information Server Manager (IIS Manager)
  8. in IIS Manager, in the left hand tree select the node server name / Application Pools
  9. in the list of Application Pools select MSExchangeSyncAppPool and in the right hand action pane select Recycle

Now Janusgate Mobile will not perform content inspection of outbound protocol traffic.

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