Complimentary configuration for CUI marking pilots



Finding the time and budget to launch another IT project for CUI marking and CMMC can take time and effort. To help, Janusnet is offering a complimentary configuration for CUI marking pilots for up to 150 people.

Book it on a credit card and get a fast start with a CUI marking pilot that integrates with every mainstream security control.

Our CUI marking pilot delivers:

  • Fast, accurate marking out-of-the-box with the CUI Categories and Limited Dissemination Controls you need.
  • Minimum effort and maximum return in addressing CUI and FCI.
  • A platform for efficient expansion and scaling.
  • Capability to extend to more sensitive markings for your SCIFs.
  • A cost-effective, low-maintenance solution without extra hardware.

What happens next?

Complete the registration form below.

Someone from Janusnet, or one of our partners, will be in touch to discuss:

  • Your specific CUI, including CUI and FCI, marking requirements.
  • Find out if there are any other marking needs (such as proprietary IP, commercial).
  • Handling of legacy material.
  • Describe the setup options and processes.
  • The most convenient timing for you before March 31st.
  • Determine what are your measures of success.

Not ready just yet? Ask us to remind you later.


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