How Janusnet helps organizations uphold a Zero Trust Framework

The notion of Zero Trust was coined nearly a decade ago by Forrester Research analyst, John Kindervag. It’s essence is that there is literally no such thing as a trusted network, user, device, application, workload, or data flow.

Following the motto "never trust, always verify", Zero Trust proposes that, at each step in the way data flows through networks, the restriction, re-authentication, and validation of all parties is essential. Embracing a Zero Trust architecture lets organizations reduce network reconnaissance, limit access to protected data, slow down attackers, and improve the speed and efficacy of attack detection.

Technology-based data classifications applying visual markings and matching metadata tags are among the fastest, most comprehensive, and affordable strategies to protect sensitive information. Such solutions let organizations rapidly identify sensitive data, enable limited dissemination controls to control information flows, and gain better visibility of how information moves across and beyond its network.

Zero Trust: protect your data by knowing your data. 

Janusnet solutions help organizations apply and manage classification marking and metadata requirements to ensure data protection in a Zero Trust environment is upheld. Our solutions apply user-driven and automated policy-driven classification markings over a range of market-leading applications and files to support the ‘least privilege’ stance to data, applications, and network resources. As a pure-play data classification company supporting thousands of users globally in defense, intelligence, and government agencies, Janusnet performs under the most rigorous scrutiny. 

Janusnet solutions provide:

  • Reliable, quick data classifications to meet a range of compliance requirements.
  • A familiar user-interface to simplify and accelerate deployment and adoption.
  • Cost-effective data classification requiring minimal maintenance and leveraging existing infrastructures, such as Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), DLP, encryption, and CASB systems.
  • Configuration without a network connection post-deployment, the reliability to run on a “set and forget” basis, and built-in audit capabilities.
  • Flexibility to change control systems and remediate incorrectly marked information without complex, time-consuming, expensive software, or additional hardware.

Protect your data with the Janusnet suite

Modernize and implement stronger cybersecurity standards Improve detection of cybersecurity incidents 
  • Supporting prioritization and classification of unclassified information, per stated policies for protection/marking to Federal standards (such as CUI and export controls).
  • Enabling Zero Trust implementation/reporting.
  • Supporting cloud and cloud service provider architectures, implementations and migrations.
  • Integration with existing IT security portfolios to include DLP, encryption, CASB, and more.
  • Janusnet solutions integrate with, and   supports, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems enabling proactive detection of cybersecurity incidents within Federal Government infrastructure, active cyber hunting, containment and remediation, and incident response.

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