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CISO/security leaders

At organizations with over 1,000 employees, research shows around 800 emails go to the wrong recipient annually. Janusnet helps prevent such accidents with comprehensive solutions to classify data.

Our software is easy to deploy, simple for end users to adopt, and purpose-built to integrate with existing technologies including email, DLP, discovery systems, SIEM, UEBA and cryptography platforms, in the cloud or on-premise.

Janusnet offers advanced simplicity by embedding the right metadata in the underlying object, giving security teams the flexibility to change control systems or remediate incorrectly marked information without complex, time-consuming, expensive software or additional hardware.

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Risk Managers

With human error causing 30 per cent of data breaches, it is likely a matter of time before your organization’s information management risk/consequence equation tips off-balance.

Janusnet data classification solutions help reduce data loss, detect breaches quickly, give Risk Managers insights to determine consequences and meet regulatory requirements for privacy such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, controlled unclassified information markings and more.

Our experts have worked extensively with Risk Managers globally in the public and private sectors. We know how to smoothly implement new data classification solutions, or migrate from existing solutions, with users happily onboarded and actively using reliable data classification software from day one.

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Off-the-shelf Janusnet solutions are fast to deploy, easy to use and maintain and purpose-built to integrate with existing technologies including email, DLP, discovery systems, SIEM, UEBA and cryptography platforms, in the cloud or on-premise.

Best of all, Janusnet doesn’t require additional hardware for configuration or discovery.

Using best practice design methods, Janusnet easily handles sophisticated classification and endpoint requirements and smoothly manages different languages. Once installed, Janusnet is configurable without a network connection, and can run on a “set and forget” basis, requiring minimal maintenance, so your time is freed up to handle other technology initiatives.


Product information


During a data classification project, we know your customers don’t want to spend extra time or money building APIs or interfaces to make new software work.

We appreciate your time goes on helping customers with value-adding advisory work, including defining classification schemes, modelling for specific regulatory or control requirements, designing user experiences, and preparing training and communication plans.

The speed and simplicity of Janusnet deployment, ease of end-user adoption, and reliable information classification will surprise and delight you, and your customers.

Contact us anytime for initial help on classification selections, configuration and support, to help make your next data classification project a success.

Integrator engagement


You know that feeling when you suddenly realise Outlook auto-filled an address and you just sent sensitive information to the wrong recipient? Janusnet data classification solutions make sure your organization’s information never ends up in the wrong hands.

Our software embeds in mainstream applications, like Microsoft Office, for easy, fast classification. If you forget to classify, Janusnet reminds you. If classifications need to change, we do that too. If you use the cc field instead of the bcc field, Janusnet automatically updates it before the email sends.

Discreet pop-up reminders in applications you use every day make data classification simple, quick and reliable.

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