Compliance with the 2017 ISM Protective Marking Controls

The use of security protective markings as an effective means to maintain data confidentiality and prevent data leakage is well established in national government circles, especially when dealing with hardcopy material.  These same principles can also be applied to electronic information.  

The 2017 Information Security Manual (ISM) Controls states that ‘As for paper-based information, all electronic-based information needs to be marked with an appropriate protective marking. All information must be classified in a manner consistent with the Australian Government security classification system’ and this applies to ‘All Departments, Statutory Bodies and Shared Service Providers’.

Organistions who have entered into a Deed of Agreement with the Australian Government to handle sensitive and classified information are required to adhere to the standards of the ISM. 

For some businesses, this requires the application of protective marking controls.

Download your 2017 ISM Compliance Checklist

To ensure full compliance with the 2017 ISM in relation to protective marking, download your compliance checklist here.

Download the full 2017 ISM WhitePaper

The purpose of this whitepaper is to summarise:

  • Aggregate the protective marking requirements of the current ISM with the Australian Government security classification scheme in the PSPF. These requirements are common to Australian Federal government agencies and private organisations that have entered into a Deed of Agreement with the government to handle classified or sensitive information. 
  • Demonstrate how the Janusnet's solutions, Janusseal and Janusgate Exchange, can be used to comply with those requirements


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