ISO 27001: How to simplify compliance

Information Technology has become the engine room of just about every organization. For a growing number of them, a failure of IT systems and networks poses significant risks to their business. It therefore comes as a surprise to find that the directors and C-level managers of many organisations aren’t paying enough attention to IT security and potential exposure to business risks.  

Company directors and senior managers are responsible for the good governance of their organisations, and this increasingly means safeguarding the burgeoning volumes of sensitive information in their care. More and more organisations are embracing ISO 27001 compliance for their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), because the Standard facilitates and mandates executive involvement.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Why more and more organisations are seeking compliance with the 27001 standard
  • Simple yet effective data loss prevention strategies for safeguarding information assets
  • Practical solutions for preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • Simple ways to improve corporate security culture and awareness
  • The changes planned for the 2013 edition of the ISO 2013 standard.

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