Marking and handling CUI emails with Janusseal for Outlook

Using Janusseal for Outlook is really easy to use to classify messages, correctly format them and integrate with your email gateways to prevent accidental loss - the cause of 30% of data breaches.

In this video we show the various ways you can use Janusseal for Outlook to mark for emails with CUI content. We cover:-

(You may view this video or click on the relevant link below.)

  1. How to mark an email with and without CUI content (30s)
  2. Replying and forwarding (3m 0s)
  3. Using algorithms/rules-based classification (3m 50s)
  4. Adding attachments to inherit the correct classification ( 5m 25s)
  5. Recipient delivery controls (6m 40s)
  6. Changes to markings - logging and auditing (7m 35s)

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