Marking and handling CUI documents with Janusseal Documents

Using Janusseal Documents to mark information for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is quick and easy. The configuration and correct formatting is out of the box.

In this video we show the various ways you can use Janusseal Documents to mark for CUI. This may be a requirement for CMMC against either NIST800-171 or 172. We cover:

(You may view this video or click on the relevant link below.)

  1. How to mark a CUI document with Janusseal Documents (39s)
  2. Why embedded metadata is important for control systems (3m 15s)
  3. Using algorithms/rules-based classification (4m 22s)
  4. Classifying documents received from outside your organization ( 7m 15s)
  5. Marking existing templates, files and folders (9m 0s)

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