How changes to emails are logged and auditing with Janusseal for Outlook

Auditing email usage can be very important, especially when people change the classification or attempt to send to the wrong people. Janusseal for Outlook has a range of audit events that can be directed, individually or simultaneously to:

  • A log file on the machine
  • The Windows event log 
  • Syslog server

Most customer use their existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Janusseal provides these notifications in a format that is easy to use and incorporate into existing infrastructure. This short video shows a classification change in an email (in this case a downgrade). It shows the warning messages, event trigger behavior and best practice human activity in a protective marking change.

You can read more about logging in Janusseal for Outlook in the administration guide or these KB articles. In order to access the administration guide you will need to register for an account.


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