Janusseal App for Outlook on Android and iOS

Janusseal App for Outlook is part of the new family of Office web add-ins developed by Janusnet.  Office web add-ins are a new powerful extension technology that can load into a range of different Office variants.

Janusseal App for Outlook harnesses this technology to:

  • provide a single application for email classification that works across multiple Outlook variants and device types
  • minimise the organisational support effort because of the multiple usage
  • leverage all the different platforms of the world's most popular Office productivity suite

In this short video you will see:

  • How classifications are interpreted by Janusseal App for Outlook and displayed to the reciepient
  • How replied to and fowarded messages carry the original classification
  • How downgrades of classifications during reply, if permitted, are handled

Needless to say Janusseal App for Outlook works seemlessly with Janusseal for Outlook - Janusnet's fully featured Office COM Add-in - so emails can be interchanged between users on different platforms.  Watch the use of Jannusseal App for Outlook with Outlook on the web

This video shows usage of Janusseal App for Outlook within Outlook for Android. At the time of production the iOS experience was the same.  Mobile app functionality is very dynamic; it could be that someone viewing this just a month after its production date (June 2018) will obtain improvemnets not shown here.  Please check for the latest functionality with your Janusnet sales partner, or their Janusnet contact.

If you want to classify on any Exchange connected device, let's talk about Janusgate Exchange.  Janusgate Exchange's powerful message processing rules overcomes all the variables involved in classifying in various email clients and provides a platform independent mechanism to classify every message that is sent by a user - see an example in this video.