Janusseal App for Outlook selection rules (preview)

This preview shows off some exciting developments with Janusseal App for Outlook. The next release, scheduled for September 2021, will incorporate improved formatting options and business selection rules. Making the accurate selection of a data classification easy in Outlook Web App/Outlook for the web. Machine interpretation of protective markings is made simpler and more robust when those markings are applied with a consistent syntax and without error. The correct interpretation of such markings by machines is crucial if IT security systems are to assist users with the automatic application of appropriate security controls. Janusseal App for Outlook helps in this regard - it is easy for users to select a sophisticated marking and Janusseal App writes the marking in a consistent and compliant fashion for machine and human interpretation.

In this video, we demonstrate the improved capability using Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) as the example classification schema. CUI has a series of conditional requirements and emulating them provides a great basis for this demonstration.

The video illustrates how Janusseal App for Outlook:

  ▷   Works in Outlook for the Web (Outlook Web App - OWA).
  ▷   Works in Outlook for Android.
  ▷   Display a different marking in the subject line to the first line of text (FLOT).
  ▷   Reply and forwarded messages carry the original classification; but markings are still confirmed on transmission.
  ▷   Selection of some marking types can be exclusive (e.g. basic and specified categories; or Dissementation Limiting Controls (DLC) ).
  ▷   Selection of some marking types can be aggregated (e.g. groups of categories; and groups of DLCs such as REL to:).
  ▷   Formatting of the first line of text including:
        ▷   the ordering or marking types;
        ▷   the sequence with a marking type; and
        ▷   the insertion of delimiters is configurable.
(The CUI requirements demonstrate this well.)
  ▷   Tool tips have been extended. 

Janusseal App for Outlook is complemented by the other Janusnet software products. Adding designation indicators, footers, message metadata, attachment checks, transmission checks, Microsoft labels and much more is possible. 

Further information

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  ▷   Would like to know more about Janusseal App for Outlook, please contact your Janusnet sales partner, representative or request a contact here
  ▷   An overview for CUI marking for documents here
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