Data Loss Prevention

Prevent accidental data loss while maintaining flexibility, productivity and control 

Protecting against data loss is crucial to your business – whether for corporate governance, your reputation, or safeguarding your competitive advantage. Yet in an increasingly mobile and cloud-based environment, how do you ensure valuable information is safe from accidental loss, without impacting productivity and functionality for your team?

Janusseal reduces the complexity of DLP by making security classification an intuitive part of the process. By alerting users and existing IT controls to sensitive information in emails and documents, the risk of accidental information loss is reduced.

A Simpler Way to Prevent Data Loss

With Janusseal, you can implement a simple, two-phase approach that integrates data classification to enhance the results of your existing DLP solutions, maximising your ROI as a result:

  1. Use Janusseal to provide users with simple tools to assign a security classification to every email and document they create, alerting others to the sensitivity of the information they receive. This cost-effective solution immediately reduces the risk of accidental information loss.
  2. Within 1-2 hours, a DLP system can be fully configured to recognise Janusseal classification labels. The system can now block or process all email or document transfers based on their sensitivity, minimising the chances of inadvertent loss or mishandling.

Less Complexity, Lower Risk

A simplified approach to DLP makes it easier, faster and more cost-effective to safeguard your information against accidental loss.

  • Identify sensitive information: Multi-level classification enables a clear distinction between sensitive and non-sensitive information, for appropriate handling.
  • Reduce the risk of accidental loss: By empowering your people with the tools to classify information quickly and easily, accidental loss is reduced without affecting output.
  • Minimise the chance of mishandling: Visible classification labels instantly alert users to the sensitivity of information, reducing the risk of inadvertent mishandling.
  • Enhance DLP solutions: By making data classification an integral part of the process, you can improve results and maximise ROI from your DLP solution.
  • Foster a security-aware culture: Increased awareness of information security creates a more security-conscious culture across your organisation.


Read more about our Janusseal suite for email and document classificaiton.


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