Government Contractors

Classification solutions to ensure information security compliance 

Government personnel are required to appropriately handle information that spans a wide range of sensitivities from public material to personal data or more sensitive information.

Cost pressures mean departments must seek affordable ways to delivery services more effectively - which means contracting to the private sector.  In the maintenance of government contracts, it’s crucial that any suppliers to these departments comply with the same set of rules and regulations applied by the agency they are contracted to. 

Classifying sensitive information in emails and documents helps to support compliance with information security policies, providing a cost-effective way to categorise information and manage access control

Using Classification to Help With Compliance

To ensure contractors are complying with contracting agency information security regulations, information classification solutions can help. Janusseal for Outlook and Janusseal Documents provide a straightforward and cost-effective means of categorising sensitive information in emails, documents and other files and supports the data handling compliance requirement. 

Thus classification solutions are an invaluable tool where contracting organisations take over particular government functions, such as call centres, by ensuring material is controlled and marked to the same degree of diligence that the government would apply to its own processes.

Integrating with other IT security systems, the easy-to-use, mandatory information handling and helps to improve information security while assisting with contractor compliance.