Cost effective solutions for Government IT security 

Whether at local, state or national level, government bodies have always been required to maintain high standards around information handling. As documents and communication become increasingly electronic, these agencies continue to recognise the intrinsic value in effective information security for electronic files and messages.

While the potential impact of a data breach is a driving force for protecting personal data, the cost pressures faced by government departments also mean that information security solutions need to be both reliable and cost-effective.

Identifying sensitive information using data classification allows you to focus control measures on the information that needs protecting – making it easier and more affordable to enforce information security policy.

Reducing Risk, Minimising Costs

By providing a quick and easy mechanism for distinguishing between public, personal data and sensitive material, information classification can reduce overall costs by allowing security efforts to target only the most sensitive material.

Information classification is an valuable tool across all areas of government data handling, from Personal Information to IP protection, up to national security requirements.

Information classification solutions from Janusnet support a whole range of government classifications and government classification schemas, providing seamless integration with existing IT security systems for fast deployment and implementation.

Sensitive information in documents and emails can be manually classified by the author or automatically classified using e-discovery tools. Subsequent control measures maintain the security of sensitive information, e.g. in the event of users attempting to downgrade security levels, including logging and auditing of the event.

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