Data Loss from Insider Threats

Safeguard your data against insider threats

While firewalls and other security measures may be protecting your business from external attempts to access your corporate data, the reality is that insider threats pose a significant risk to the security of your sensitive information.

Safeguarding against malicious activity from inside your organization may seem like a complex issue – and there are certainly many complicated (and costly) solutions on offer. But a simpler, more holistic approach can be just as effective.

Protecting against insider threats starts with knowing where your sensitive information is and who has access to it. Security classification is a quick and easy mechanism for identifying sensitive material to ensure it is managed accordingly.

Take Control of Unstructured Information

When data is unstructured, it is more difficult to manage, secure and control. Security classification provides a straightforward means of distinguishing between sensitive and non-sensitive information within emails and documents, making it simpler for a DLP system to implement the appropriate security measures.

E-discovery can be an effective starting point, using automated classification to assign the correct security labels to files and documents. Manual classification can also be highly effective, leveraging human understanding to ensure the appropriate security level is applied.

By integrating security classification tools from our Janusseal suite for email and document classification with your DLP system, you can address the challenge of insider threats without the complexity of other options.