Practical, powerful classification

Every organization has valuable information that needs to be protected. Whether it's intellectual property, highly sensitive commercial or government information, or the private data of an individual; on a desktop or mobile, it needs to be safeguarded. 

Protecting data can be highly challenging. The options available are often very complex, difficult to deploy and costly to maintain. Understanding the challenges our customers face, Janusnet uses a simple, user-friendly approach.

We start by assigning security classification to files, documents and emails. The marking is visible to the human eye and instilled into the information object via embedded metadata. In just a few seconds, sensitive information is effectively classified, reducing the risk of it being lost or mishandled. We have a range of options that can meet your specific needs as follows:

  • Email classification for Microsoft Outlook, with multiple features for visible and embedded markings, take a look at Janusseal for Outlook 
  • Email classification in the cloud or from any Outlook client - Janusseal App for Outlook
  • Document classification in Microsoft Office, pdf and other multimedia files, look at Janusseal Documents
  • Open and non-proprietary interfaces
  • Customizable to meet an organization's intellectual property, privacy and government or commercial compliance requirements
  • Rapid deployment with minimal complexity
  • Serverless and works easily with existing infrastructure
  • Scalable and adaptable as your needs change
specific questions

Please contact your local sales partner or Janusnet. We would be happy to help; we have some great and easy, ways to get started.