Classify documents

Document classification –
how and why to do it

Assigning a security classification to every piece of corporate data is an easy was to heighten awareness of security and minimise loss or risk of mishandling sensitive data. It may sound like a daunting task, but it isn’t if you approach it sequentially and make every employee responsible, rather than just your IT team.

Email is probably your greatest exposure, so it’s prudent to start there. The next stage is usually document classification – that is documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and the like.

Make document classification easy

You want every employee to think about data security when they create and receive documents and, probably, you want to make it easy. You don’t want expensive training or professional services, or complicated deployment. You want simplicity and ease of deployment, together with rapid acceptance and universal adoption.  

How Janusseal Documents works

januSEAL Documents achieves all of this in an add-on for Microsoft Office, enabling easy tagging of documents in Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Rich Text Format (RTF) as well as PDFs.

Janusseal Documents makes sure that your users assign a security tag or marking when they create every document. Not only is this a security awareness alert, the tag can be recognised by your content filters, email gateways and document management systems, so any sensitive information could  be detected should it stray into the wrong place.

Janusseal Documents is:

  • Simple to use:  with a user-friendly that presents and enforces simple choices
  • Fast to retrofit to existing documents with simple search for and replace text classification labels
  • Easy to assign: users can place tags in the header, footer or body of the document.
  • Simple to administer: Centrally deployed via Microsoft Group Policy or similar.

Read more about Janusseal Documents, find out how to avoid the The 11 most common mistakes that derail data classification projects or contact us to discuss your document classification priorities.