Classify every Outlook email

Ensure that all your users assign classifications to all emails before they send them with Janusseal for Outlook.Janusseal-outlook

Janusseal for Outlook is an add-in  to Microsoft® Outlook® that compels your users to assign a classification to every email, calendar item they send.

Janusseal for Outlook is scalable, centrally deployed via Microsoft Group Policy, and helps you to:

  • Create more security awareness among your users
  • Lighten the load on your IT security team
  • Enhance performance of other IT security systems.

How it works

Once you’ve decided the security classifications you wish to use, such as Personal, Public or Confidential and which message types must use them, Janusseal for Outlook will do the rest, with these key benefits:

  • Consistency - users must choose a security tag depending upon their clearance, or authority, level;
  • Peace of mind - emails and calendar items can’t be sent from Outlook unless security labelled
  • Awareness - the security label is visible to recipients so they know how to handle the email
  • Improved monitoring - email security labels can be linked to your IT security systems
  • Adaptability - your range of  security labels can be easily updated if your needs change
  • Compliance - Janusseal for Outlook is easily configured to comply with a range of Email Protective Marking Standards.

What you need

To use Janusseal Outlook you need:

  • Microsoft® Outlook® 2016, 2013, Office 365, 2010 or 2007
  • Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows® 7 or Windows® Vista®.

Find out more

Try Janusseal for Outlook, read about email classification, or contact us to discuss your email classification priorities.


Product images: 
janusSEAL for Outlook - Classification toolbar layout
Before and after attaching a classified document.
Classify on send
Sender's pop-up selection send mode no prior selection  ( schema [old]
Recipient's view image subject, body prepend and append marking (all configurabl

Email Classification for Microsoft Outlook