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Janusseal Mobile App - email security on the go

Janusseal-MobileAppAllow your users to apply security classification marks to emails created from mobile devices – with Janusseal MobileApp.


Janusseal Mobile App allows your mobile users apply security markings to emails they create on mobile devices.

Janusseal Mobile App complements your existing email classification systems like Janusseal for Outlook or Janusseal for Outlook Web App for messages created from the desktop. It’s just another way to ensure security awareness, to share around the burden of security and enable your security systems to monitor and perform better.

How it works

You have probably defined your email security classifications such as Personal, Private and Confidential for your desktop users. Janusseal Mobile App installs onto mobile devices and applies your classifications to emails created from within Janusseal Mobile App, giving you these main benefits:

  • Consistency – uses the same classification labels as your corporate schema and thus integrates in the same way with existing security systems
  • Awareness - the security marking is visible to email recipients so they know how to handle it
  • Easier – the creator can more easily format the email message to the corporate standard
  • Flexibility - your administrator can easily update security markings if needed.

What you need

Janusseal Mobile App can be used with these devices:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • Android devices and tablets
  • Windows Phones
  • it even works on your desktop computer - PC or Mac

Find out more

Learn more about classifying emails.  To try Janusseal Mobile App for your organisation, please contact Janusnet to discuss your mobile email priorities.  If you are a customer or evaluator of Janusseal Mobile App, then to describe your preferred configuration of Janusseal Mobile App please complete the Configuration Request form here.


Product images: 
Starting a message on janusSEAL Mobile App
Classified message on mobile
janusSEAL Mobile screen

Email security on the go.