Self-service improvements for customers and partners

Customers and Janusnet partners now have better access to resources and support tools through the website. These features are accessible to registered account users.  To gain access to these features, register for an account here.

If you are a customer, you will be immediately notified if any of your agreements will be expiring within either 30 or 90 days, so you have time to coordinate renewals with your Janusnet sales partner. On your User Profile page, you will find new tabs.  We hope you find the portal view intuitive to use. It is worth mentioning the following features: 

  • The Agreements tab includes copies of license and agreement schedules and links to supporting information.

   (Partners will see My Customers' tabs which relate to the Agreements, Files and Cases of their Janusnet customers.)

Self-service website agreements

  • The Files tab allows customers access to files that have been specifically uploaded for their organization. These may include beta versions of software and configuration files. 

Self-service website files

  • The Cases tab provides a list of support cases that have been logged. From each case you can click through to track the progression of an issue. While you may exchange information with us via email, using the workflow triggers of Janusgate Exchange, you or your colleagues, can see the worklog develop as the case progresses.

Self-service website cases

If you have any suggestions that would enable us to support you, or your customers better, please let us know.