Janusseal Documents App 1.7.1 released

A patch of Janusseal Documents App has been released with the following fix and enhancement:

  • Janusseal Documents v3.7.x could use either comma or forward slash as the separator between multiple REL TO caveats when stored in a file's custom document property metadata. This release also adds support for either separator, not just forward slash.
  • Caveats are now grouped according to their type or, if defined in the configuration, their group names.
  • The process for obtaining the installation manifest URL has been simplified to allow authorised individuals from the organisation to authenticate against the Janusnet website and then be sent the URL. 

Janusseal Documents App is the Office web add-in from Janusnet for enhancing Word and Excel (Windows, Mac and online/web version) with security classification capability; it is not Janusseal Documents which is the Office COM add-in for enhancing the Windows version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint with such capability.

Product Information
Janusseal Documents App
Release Information
Release Date: 
24 September, 2023