Janusseal Documents App 1.6.0 released

A minor update of Janusseal Documents App has been released with the following enhancements:

  • Keywords (tags) metadata can be configured to include a protective marking value

  • In Excel, Janusseal Documents App can be configured to write header and footer labels for print output, as performed by Janusseal Documents (COM)


Known issue - in Word Online (Web) insertion of protective marking information into the keywords metadata was found to be unreliable and so Janusnet disabled this feature when operating in Word Online. Upon a change of classification Janusseal Documents App (when operating in Word Online) will try and remove the protective marking from the keywords field, but due to the unreliable nature of this method it is not necessarily successful.

Product Information
Janusseal Documents App
Release Information
Release Date: 
24 January, 2023