Janusseal App for Outlook 3.24.0 released

The Cloud Edition of Janusseal App for Outlook has been updated to version 3.24.0. This version includes:

  • ENHANCEMENT: The codebase has been updated so that more operations are carried out on the Outlook client side. This should mean higher performance as it avoids network communications with the backend, and the backend is also able to provide the various resources of Janusseal App for Outlook at a faster rate.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Janusseal App for Outlook can now inspect the (Janusseal) classification metadata of attachment(s), and use such to set a minimum security classification for the message that can be selected by the sender. Organizations using Janusseal Documents and who wish to use this new feature should contact Janusnet to have it enabled in their configuration.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Organizations can choose to install Janusseal App for Outlook with lower permissions (ReadWriteItem compared to ReadWriteMailbox) by sacrificing one feature - the option to reply/reply all from the Janusseal App for Outlook side pane when reading a message. Usage statistics indicates this is a rarely used feature, hence why Janusnet has given organizations the choice to not have this feature with the benefit of lower permissions required by the product. Organizations which have already deployed Janusseal App for Outlook need to re-deploy it to obtain this benefit.

The download for the On-Premise Edition will also be updated to version 3.24.0 in the next few days.

Janusseal App for Outlook is the Office web add-in from Janusnet for enhancing Outlook (Windows, Mac and online/web version) with security classification capability; it is not Janusseal for Outlook which is the Office COM add-in for enhancing the Windows version of Outlook with such capability.


Product Information
Janusseal App for Outlook
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Release Date: 
19 June, 2024