Janusseal App for Outlook 3.23.2 released

The Cloud Edition of Janusseal App for Outlook has been updated to version 3.23.2. This patch includes:

  • ENHANCEMENT: Static components of Janusseal App for Outlook like javascript files and style sheets are now pre-compressed to save the server back-end server from compressing these streams as the content is delivered to the Outlook client (a small performance improvement).

  • ENHANCEMENT: As part of implementing the pre-compressed components mentioned above, it was realised that a better compression algorithm than gzip, called brotli (that is now supported by most browsers/web engines and Outlook on desktops), could be used for these components. So where possible, the back-end server is now delivering brotli compressed assets which are around 20% smaller than their gzip counterparts. If the Outlook client does not support the brotli algorithm then we serve the gzip compressed versions instead, as is currently done.

  • ENHANCEMENT: A tool was used to analyse some aspects of the javascript files that are part of Janusseal App and it was found that a major element of one of the javascript files was unnecessarily included; this element has been removed to save file size which means less to download at the Outlook client; this combined with the enhancement above leads to a significant file size reduction. This should also help with the caching of Janusseal App in the local cache to further reduce the times that content is fetched from the server. 

Janusseal App for Outlook is the Office web add-in from Janusnet for enhancing Outlook (Windows, Mac and online/web version) with security classification capability; it is not Janusseal for Outlook which is the Office COM add-in for enhancing the Windows version of Outlook with such capability.

Product Information
Janusseal App for Outlook
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Release Date: 
11 October, 2023