Janusseal App for Outlook 3.23.1 released

The Cloud Edition of Janusseal App for Outlook has been updated to version 3.23.1. This patch includes:

  • PARTIAL FIX: In previous versions, when a meeting organiser modified a meeting and sent updates to attendees, the meeting would have multiple prepend body markings applied. This issue has been partially rectified - multiple prepend body markings are not applied if the security classification of the meeting does not change; if it does then a body marking for the new classification is applied above the old marking. If the customer is using body append markings then multiples of these will still be applied. Janusnet will attempt to address these issues in a later fix.
  • ENHANCMENT: At the send event, Janusseal App for Outlook now applies body markings (append and/or prepend) in a slightly more efficient manner; mostly for the benefit of customers who do both prepend and append markings.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Caveats are now grouped according to their type or, if defined in the configuration, their group names.
  • ENHANCEMENT: The process for obtaining the installation manifest URL has been simplified to allow authorised individuals from the organisation to authenticate against the Janusnet website and then be sent the URL. 

Janusseal App for Outlook is the Office web add-in from Janusnet for enhancing Outlook (Windows, Mac and online/web version) with security classification capability; it is not Janusseal for Outlook which is the Office COM add-in for enhancing the Windows version of Outlook with such capability.

Product Information
Janusseal App for Outlook
Release Information
Release Date: 
24 September, 2023