Janusseal App for Outlook 3.22.2 released

The Cloud Edition of Janusseal App for Outlook have been updated to version 3.22.2. This patch includes:

  • FIX (#124): Fix for unexpected \n character appearing in body markings for new messages created on Outlook Mobile.
  • ENHANCEMENT (#122): Improving the security of information as data is passed from the compose message window to the On Send Classification Dialog. Now, where possible, uses a particular Office Javascript API call rather than passing redacted information via client side cookies or URL querystring parameters (unless Office Javascript Dialog v1.2 runtime is not supported).
  • FIX (#123): For some organisations, based on their configuration (downgrade warning or downgrade disallowed, and confirmation on sending required) then when a sender is replying to an already classified message and they have opened the Janusseal compose pane mode prior to clicking the send button, then when the On Send Classification Dialog was shown for confirmation upon sending, the sender could downgrade the classification.


The code for the Cloud Edition (as used by most customers of Janusseal App for Outlook) has automatically been updated to this version.

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Janusseal App for Outlook
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Release Date: 
14 November, 2022