Ability to use Janusseal App for Outlook from shared mailbox coming to Office 365

The Cloud edition of Janusseal App for Outlook has been updated to version 3.13.1. This patch version includes:

  • Readiness for shared mailbox support that is coming to Office 365. Microsoft have been working on support for Office web add-ins (like Janusseal App for Outlook) to work within the context of a shared mailbox. At the time of writing, this ability is available in the Targeted release track of Office 365; version 3.13.1 operates in Targeted release track when using a shared mailbox.
    Existing customers will need to re-install the Janusseal App for Outlook manifest to obtain this fix.
  • The areas where Janusseal App for Outlook can be opened while reading a message has been extended to also always show a button in the toolbar, regardless if the message being read is classified. This is so Janusseal App for Outlook can be opened in the new Outlook on the web experience of Office 365.
  • Update of various third-party libraries used by Janusseal App for Outlook to current releases, such as jquery to version 3.4.1 and bootstrap to version 4.3.1.

Customers using the Cloud edition in conjunction with Office 365, and who want to add support for shared mailboxes, need to re-install the manifest.

Product Information
Janusseal App for Outlook
Release Information
Release Date: 
3 June, 2019